Sunday, July 26, 2009

End Time

The other day my Mum, Sister, Carter, Finn and I spent the afternoon at Fort Edmonton Park. It's a serene kind of place. I find myself getting pleasantly drowsy, calm after a few hours there.

We used to live just up the hill from where the Fort sits on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. My brother and I would sometimes wander down there on rainy days when it was dead. We'd slip into the grounds through a hole in one of the fences, an apple and a carrot in each pocket to treat the horses and a few coins to buy brown paper packets of anise and horehound candies.

Stationery supplies, books and pysanky on the shelves of a shop in the Ukrainian Village.
Girls in cotton dresses working the penny arcade at the 1920's Midway. The costume maker produces two outfits for each employee: one for everyday and one for Sunday.

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