Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Workcycle's Swan

The 1890s: The Gay Nineties, a highpoint in the industrial revolution that marked the birth of the modern bicycle. It was part of America's Gilded Age when women took to cycling, sparking a sensible fashion revolution for which we can also thank Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel. Suffocating Victorian fashion gave way to tunicks, gaiters, knickerbockers, bloomers, and 'the skirt made of two philabegs' ...or, feileadh beag (Gaelic for little wrap = kilt knickers).

This lovely has a beautiful swan neck, wheel spats and a chrome chain case, a sprung leather saddle, the most relaxed frame angles and step-through design and a dynamo powering headlamp and tail lamp. I was fortunate enough to have one at my disposal while living in Holland in 2002 and 2006 ~ quelle treat! Leave your bloomers and petticoats on. You can wear anything you want on this dreamboat.

... I'm excited about spring, and soon some time on the west coast with a new Swan.

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