Friday, August 15, 2008

One Sleep

My last night in the Yukon.

I went for a walk to the beaver pond and out to Paul Gort and Jen Williams' house for a bbq. Many nice salads, and Jen made rice krispies squares for dessert.

Reminded me of another Yukon time, making rice krispies sculptures with Shary at the Res in Dawson, 2002 ... in honor of the rice krispies sculptress herself: Wonder Koch's grandma, who sends her a rice krispies lambs every Easter.

Great to visit and see Paul and Jen's studios. Paul is a fine woodworker and Jen is an artist.

(I should've brought my camera. Still bad at this, I can't quite get over the feeling of being invasive or a show-off).

To Vancouver tomorrow morning to meet up with Chera & go see little Alice the gerbil !

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