Thursday, August 14, 2008


in linen.
My favorite in all seasons.

I made up a dress for myself this summer very (very) similar to the "Pear Dress" pictured here, from the Pip-Squeak Chapeau label, without knowing of it, without knowing the label even existed. They're making beautiful clothing!
(2 differences: I put fluorescent yellow velvet ribbon in the cap sleeves and neckline rather than elastic, & my hem is straight, hitting 1 1/2 inches below the knee). Once I get a model (Sonja?) I'll post the dress and a few other things I've sewn lately.

Pip-Squeak Chapeau is (in part) Sveda Dresher. (I fancy her hand-knit black toque/scarf for fall).
She also makes dolls! They remind me of the Inu dolls.
P-SC's underwear certainly bear a mention as well - lovely linen and cotton things.

It's heartening to find out that what you thought was a unique design is also someone else's (maybe briefly deflating too, but who can't use a little deflating?) I love that ideas and aesthetics can in some way align despite certain degrees of separation. And, as Hélene Cixous said, how wonderfully reassuring it is to know one is not alone! That a like mind is a potential friend.

My designs all seem (to me) derivative of 14th-18thc French and German folk costume - in the case of this dress what I considered a gunny sack tied with baling twine -orphanwear.

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And below, a man with truly good style who I mentioned already this week. I like this linen suit with matching shirt and the subtle striped banana tie very much in this green room with tall windows, an oval cutout in the wall, and 15 dead animals.

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