Thursday, November 23, 2017

Winona LaDuke

There is this magical made-up time between Columbus Day
(or Indigenous People’s Day for the enlightened) and Thanksgiving,
where white Americans think about native people. That’s sort of
our window.
November is Native American Heritage Month. Before that, of course,
is Halloween. Until about three years ago, one of the most popular
Halloween costumes was Pocahontas. People know nothing about
us, but they like to dress up like us or have us as a mascot.
We are invisible. Take it from me. I travel a lot, and often ask this
question: Can you name 10 indigenous nations? Often, no one can
name us. The most common nations named are Lakota, Cherokee,
Navajo, Cheyenne and Blackfeet — mostly native people from western
movies. This is the problem with history. If you make the victim
disappear, there is no crime. And we just disappeared. When I
travel, I get this feeling someone has seen a unicorn in the airport.
Winona LaDuke
Essay in Inforum

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