Sunday, November 8, 2009

Moccasins III

Beading's complete, and the left liner (fashioned in stroud) and moccasin are together.

This particular home-tanned moose hide moccasin is a pattern designed by the Northern Tutchone First Nations, as was the pattern for the duffle mittens posted in October.

In the top image (circa 1900. Glenbow Museum Archives. Calgary, Alberta, Canada): three Stoney women from the Morley Reserve in Alberta are shown scraping a hide. The hide would be stretched on the ground and worked with an ulu, an axe-like fleshing tool made from elk antler or wood, to remove the hair and thin the skin.

A fairly well-explained pattern for side-fold moccasins similar to those worn by many of the North American Plains Tribes is available here.

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