Wednesday, November 5, 2008


it's out!

Congratulations and thanks to John for all his hard work, and congratulations and thanks to Susannah for her beautiful writing. Thank you too to John Jones for taking great photographs of the work for me.
I won't comment too much on the full publication as I haven't seen it in print yet. Please check it out for yourself on the Alphabet City site which includes info on the FUEL festival in Toronto November 23-28, 2008.

And for those of you in the North, on November 19th Kyle Cashen's band Crash the Car will release their new recording They Built Houses Here. I mention it here because Chera designed a handsome cd cover and website for them using some of the images from Blankety Blank.

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Anonymous said...


Kerry pointed me to your blog. I wanted to mention that in December I am going to be giving a few knitting lessons to a friend. She has the knit and purl down, but wants to learn some things like making mitten gussets, maybe socks, maybe some lace, I am not totally sure yet. The plan is just for her to come over some afternoons, probably it will involve baked goods and hot drinks. If you are interested, you are totally welcome. Maybe kerry will come too.