Saturday, October 25, 2008


Hand Drawn Thread

Kerry pointed out to me how beautiful that sounds. We had a little lunch together in her sunny studio yesterday. I meant to take pictures but it seemed invasive. Maybe next time I'll have the guts. Her place is so full of delightful things organized in such a way.

A few thrifted items from a church basement sale Alice and I stumbled on during our walk home after lunch. The boxes of thread! there were dozens. What nice presents they'll make.

And a perfect dessert enjoyed after supper tonight ... with the austere and miraculous film Silent Light (Stellet Licht) by Carlos Reygadas (the tender).
ok. this film is stunning.

The last time I watched a film I felt this immediately aligned with was ten years ago, it was Y aura-t-il de la neige a Noel? by Sandrine Veysset, with Dominique Reymond playing the role of the mother - and she was so incredible.

Email me if you have trouble finding Silent Light and you want to see it.

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