Saturday, February 22, 2014

Russia seen by Russians

Sergej Smirnov.
Conversation with a priest.

Igor Lagunov, Magnitigorsk. 
A celebratory dinner for a funeral in Altai, the region bordering Kasakhstan, Mongolia and China. 

Igor Lagunov, Magnitigorsk. 

Valeriy Klamm, Novosibirsk. 
On Trinity Sunday (the feast celebration of God as three persons that occurs the week after Pentecost) in the village of Biysk, grass and branches of birch are brought inside to decorate an orthodox church.

Sergey Maximishin. St. Petersburg. 
Marina, an insemination technician, and Lyuba, a milkmaid, pose for a portrait on a dairy farm near St. Petersburg, near the road to Moscow.

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