Sunday, March 6, 2011

L’arte è una zanzara dalle mille ali

Art is a mosquito of a thousand wings

- Joseph Beuys

Rudolph Steiner
Karmic Relationships - Esoteric Studies, vol. 2, June 4, 1924.
Chalk on paper, 39 x 59 inches.

By way of a 1998 exhibition of his Blackboard Drawings at the Berkeley Art Museum.

Just think for a moment how dead the cosmos is if all we see when we look out into it are burning, gaseous bodies that shine! But then just think too how alive all things become if we know that these stars are the expression of the love with which the astral cosmos works on the etheric cosmos.

- Rudolph Steiner

Joseph Beuys
Sun State, 1974.
Chalk on blackboard, 120.7 x 180.7 cm.
. . .

Felt was used in all the categories of warmth sculpture, usually in connection with fat, and it’s a derivative of that. So it does have a bearing on the character of warmth. Ultimately the concept of warmth goes even further. Not even physical warmth; I could just as well have used an infrared light in my performances. Actually, I mean a completely different kind of warmth, namely spiritual warmth or the beginning of an evolution.

- Joseph Beuys

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