Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Village in Normandy

What a beauty this one is.
Written and illustrated by Laurence (1968, Bobbs-Merrill Company).

The only information I can find on her is inside the book jacket below a small b+w image of her with a string of pearls around her neck, seated at her desk, paint brushes in a cup to her right and pencil in hand:

About the Author:
Laurence is a young French Artist. After studying in Paris for several years, she began her career there as a designer and illustrator. In 1964 her work won her a French government cultural fellowship.
Laurence is now living in New York City while her husband is doing graduate work at Columbia University. A Village in Normandy is her first book for young readers.

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oh god, its bilingual. this is me. kw,