Friday, March 5, 2010

The Esquimaux Dogs


The most common breed of sleigh dog, better known as the plain Husky dog, of which there are two distinct varieties. It is quite evident that they are of the same stock, if not descendants of tamed specimens of the large timber or Arctic wolf, and of prairie wolf or Toganee. The other dog is the Hoosque of the Mackenzie river district, and is the dog used by the American Esquimaux, and of these there is a yellow and a black variety.

Of course these breeds are found more or less mixed all over the continent, especially varieties of the wolf breed, as these are by far the most numerous.


A peculiarity in these dogs is that they all have bright, clear, yellow eyes, similar to a cat, with great powers of dilating the pupils.

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Excerpts and illustrations from: British Dogs: Their Varieties, History, Breeding, Characteristics, Management and Exhibition by Hugh Dalziel, 1897 ("The Bazaar" Office, London).
The following is from the introduction:

Few subjects, and certainly no animal, has been treated with so much written eloquence as the Dog, nor do we grudge the lavish encomiums heaped upon him, for they are well deserved. That we do not follow in the usual course pursued by writers on this subject there are several reasons. First, the felt want of ability to give expression to our views and feelings in language at once sufficiently laudatory and appropriate; secondly, that the several writers who have assisted in compiling this book may be trusted to do justice to the breeds they treat of in better terms than we can; and, lastly, that as the book is intended to be in great part descriptive of the varieties as seen and classified at our dog shows, and therefore a practical work, both for the experienced exhibitor and the tyro whose love for the dog needs no stimulus, panegyrics on his good qualities are not needed...

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