Friday, February 6, 2009

Writing (the possibility of) Spring

The Ukrainian Easter egg, or pysanka (from the Ukrainian pysaty, to write) are traditionally made in early Spring ... a ritual celebrating it's impending arrival.

For now it remains just a dream, but we can dream.

Pysanky (plural) are written with geometrical ornaments and motifs that reflect nature. The most common images are cosmological solarium signs which appear as laconic rosettes, delicate ruby stars, and spiders (pavuchky). How lovely.
...The spider may be a connection to goddess and princess figures as well - representations of ancestors of the Grand Goddess of rejuvination and fertility: Berehynia, Mokosh, Zhyva.

I don't have a Ukrainian lineage so I didn't grow up with these decorative objects having a place in my life but I've had the luck of collecting a few beauties. Next week I'll try my hand at making some.

I purchased good supplies here (in Montréal, and they ship across the continent).

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