Thursday, January 8, 2009


A beautiful card from Sonja yesterday. Thank You, Saan. It set the tone for my day, which couldn't have been better.

Getting the kitchen, studio and bedroom organized. I made little white shelves out of 1/4 inch mdf for glassware, spices and little objects above my desk. It's good to get things up, make space for working. Window sills help too.

A stack of shallow paper cups taken from the tops of hotel drinking glasses. The paper is beautifully strong and smooth - fit for little paintings inside/outside. For now they fit a jade bracelet perfectly.

The brushes are a tiny collection housed for now on the bedroom window sill (bad). They'll make their way into proper casing one day soon. See the snow accumulated in the window? We got 25 cm yesterday. Gigantic heaps all over the city.

Some artists' projects that have been occupying me lately: Jason de Haan's Where the Ocean Meets This Guy and the wonderful Hope Love Peace Generosity Purpose Harmony, Lyndal Osborne's Archipelago and Endless Forms Most Beautiful, Donna Akrey's blog Mobiusstripmall (creampuffs! they're suddenly everywhere), Thomas Demand's new work on the presidency, Leanne Shapton's textile designs and James Carl's takeouts and things end (the latter pictured below: rubeer bands made of polymer clay).

* - * - * It's the end of the first week of the new year * - * - *

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janice said...

Candice love. I'm basking in the hot sun and thinking of you. Sent you a long email only to find out that my email no worky...I'm home on the 20th.... We're due for a long chat.